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  • How to Deal With the Competitive App Market

    August 5, 2019 By fluiddigitalmedia 0 comments

    As we all know the app market is swamped with millions of apps being developed and flooding towards the app stores day by day. This has made the app market lucrative and cumbersome to control. We have an app to do our taxes, get our laundry done and much more apps that provide all kinds of basic needs in making human life a little more easier than it is. With a great advancement of technology, we know that anybody can create an app and make their stand in the app store. But with improper app marketing, there is no way an app could survive in the app store. However, you can use a few challenging app marketing strategies to help your app reach the top.

    There is one such app marketing strategy that has been used by developers since ages and has produced some fruitful results i.e, App Store Optimization, in short ASO. This method might look familiar to you, yes you are right, this method is similar to SEO but both play their role in different platforms. One in the app store search and the other in web search respectively.

    App Store Optimization

    ASO is a process that specializes in improving the app store rankings of an app. And also helps in increasing the discoverability of the app among all the similar apps in the app store.

    Factors that affect App Store Optimization:

    These factors include market competition and trends. As we saw earlier, it is very difficult for an app to survive in the app market. However, you can excel in passing all the hurdles by investing in advertisements. This will help your app shine in front of the users and people will know your product by the brand name.

    1. A/B testing procedure: This test has proven to research well on whether your app abides by the parameters required and simplifies app store optimization. A/B testing is an important part of any app store optimization process. Such experiments have the power to help you boost the conversion rate of an app.

    2. Monitoring and Tracking: Regular monitoring and changes in areas like keywords, graphics, and description should be taken care of thoughtfully. Keeping tabs on these areas once you’ve produced your app to app stores is very important.

    3. Localization: You always feel great when you are in a strange place and hear your local language. It feels like home for a minute and everything seems just fine from there. You can pick languages that are most commonly listed on the app store. This fosters a strong bond between your app and your audience.

    4. Ratings and Reviews: To be frank nobody will even look at one-star rated apps, it takes a lot of courage and belief to click that install button on a single-star rated app. Ratings and reviews are proven to be the vital metrics that are used by the users to gauge the performance and quality of your app. A good rating on the app store attracts more organic traffic. You can buy app ratings and reviews from reliable companies to help your app shine brightly in order to get an organic flow of users to your app. Once you get users from paid app reviews and ratings, the app goes higher in-app store rankings and you get real reviews from the batch of organic users

    How to improve ASO?

    We are familiar with the related app section in the app store. This method can be harnessed to your advantage by helping your app come in this section when a user performs a search related to your app. When you buy app ratings and reviews from trusted ASO experts, they take care of your app by increasing the stats of your app which helps in getting a more organic flow of users into your app. There are a number of ways ASO can be used. Its uses are infinite. That said, it is advised to seek expert advice on best ASO practices.

    In this generation of advanced technology, it is both easy and difficult to make a constant stand in the app store. There are numerous techniques being integrated to determine app ranking on the app store. But, App Store Optimization remains to be the favorite tool used by most of the developers endeavoring to improve the conversion rate in order to get more influx of users to their app.

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