Have you read the Quora app description in-app store, it says “Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world.” To make the best use of anything, first, we must know how it works. Quora at the front end is a Q&A platform, but at the back end, the upvotes on Quora is the algorithm behind ranking your post.

To derive benefit, we should at first-place know what’s to be given. Right? In the same way, to get more upvotes on Quora, learn these 10 tips to derive most benefits out of it.


A lot of users are just answering some random questions and expecting something else. Now remember this, next time go find a popular question with an answer having more upvotes on Quora and see the answers and then write something more creative, more simplified and more value-adding if needed go for an in-depth approach.

(Note – Make your answer/content easy to skim through)


Don’t just write to get likes or spill out a few words. Make sure to go find some popular topics having more upvotes on Quora that you really know about & understand well because that helps you in writing answers that must be read and help establish yourself and gain an audience base for your answers/content.

(Note – Be precise, specific, give clarity, and importantly don’t be serious too, you want readers to love your answers right.)


Decide whether you want to just make them feel good or to take action. If your answers make readers feel good, you just made them think of more choices. On the other hand, if you structure your content in such a way that makes the users take immediate action and get into engagement, boom you nailed it. Upvotes just increased. People feel good for many reasons, but if you lead them to take action that means you understood them and resonated to their trains of thoughts

(Note – Write that influences, in simple write answers that connects with readers well)


Remember this while writing, “Are you making readers push through your answer or Pull into your answer ?” When they see your answer, are they still scrolling down to find what they need or did you just make them hook-in to your answer as it was structured well, it was informative and gave something that they were in search of

(Note – Use words to trigger visualization, make them think smart)


Sounds funny, it is. Remember this, don’t be stuck with answering a few posts, find as many posts that have high upvotes relating to your niche and answer it, just keep on doing it. Each answer you put up helps you to understand the worth of your work. KEEP CONSISTENCY in writing, let readers know that you have contributed a larger part in your niche topic. The path for popularity and to set authority.

(Note – Set goal daily to learn some and answer some)

Bonus tip: As you made it till here, the structure and style of the content present attract readers, as simple as it is.

Huge Appreciate that you made it till here, and that conveys you are an action-oriented person. So, these are 5+1 tips that really impact your post, in getting upvotes and to your profile on Quora.

Let us know which tip you liked and loved.