Quora is a knowledge-sharing platform, which means the users are unique here than other platforms and they use Quora for different productive purposes. As it’s a huge information community, to make your voice heard demands great exertion.

It’s so, Here are 3 strategies to increase Quora upvotes:

Have you ever played shooting or watched a war movie? Imagine the guy commanding “troop, take the position, aim, shoot”, Did you guess why this came out here.

1. Take a position, aim, and shoot – To increase Quora upvotes

  • First, you have to position yourself well, that means you will have to find your niche space/expertise
  • Which will help you to aim well to select popular questions to answer.
  • Finally guiding you to shoot at a target (right question/post) which is really worth and lucrative.

Technicality – Use google trend, uber suggestion, and sem rush to find the trending topics and it also suggests keywords that help you draft content, and rank well resulting in increased Quora upvotes.

 2. Upvotes convey 3R’s, giving Right information at the right place and at the right time.

To increase Quora upvotes, there’s a tool & a technique.

What is the tool? The tool here is your content and you better know What builds connections? “Content Builds Connections”. You have to choose the right question so that you can connect really well with your audience using your content. 

Technicality – A catchy headline & title, a promising intro, the body with great value detail, and a conclusion that influences action is the key to draft the content.

What is the technique? The technique here is the structure of your content which builds engagement. Only if you can connect well in the first place engagement happens and it depends on how you structure your content. 

Technicality – You can use the AIDA model or Why, What, and How model to structure your content. Make content easily skimmable and to the point. Use info-graphics at possible places, it’s more attractive and detailed.

“More connection = More engagement = More viewers = More audience base = Strong presence = Establish authority = Increase Quora upvotes.”

There are 2 rules to win this game

  • Expertise in using tools & techniques
  • How you can still improvise the first one.

3. Stuck at the same level – Many users get stuck at some level and aren’t able to increase Quora upvotes, guess why? because they don’t understand the algorithm of Quora, how it works.

Technicality – 

  • Go to uber suggestion, type Quora.com, and see what’s trending and most discussed in Quora. 
  • Then find some keywords for the same which has more search and good ranking
  • SEO based content helps you rank in Quora as well as in search engine results. 
  • You can also add links in your post that leads to your other blogs, website, or product that increases traffic. 

Why are these steps important anyways, because in Quora 

  • You are one among in thousands giving information about the topic
  • You are one in the hundred industry experts present in Quora

So make sure, there’s some unique strategy you’ve deployed to surpass them all.

Conclusion – This is what we’ve discussed 

  • Take a position, aim, and shoot,
  • The right information at the right place and at the right time,
  • Don’t be stuck at the same level 

Find something that’s popular and leads than other content, make Creative engagement through the unique structure, and Understand the algorithm is all you need, and the result of this is not only increased Quora upvotes but also ranking your profile, establishing your brand and much more.