Strategies to use Quora for marketing :

If you are still wondering “Why Quora for marketing?” As you connect the dots and reach the bottom of the page, this question would probably change to “Why didn’t I think of using Quora for marketing?

I hope you know what it is to have a weak marketing strategy and its consequences. When you first set up your brand, how you see it, and how people perceive it would be very different, but your marketing strategies can help them unify it.

Quora is a Q&A community and not a crowd, so with each post, you add value, and with each upvote, you strengthen your presence. As a platform Quora for marketing

  • Has emerged as a locus for brand discussion 
  • Solid pedestal with 200M+ unique visitors each month
  • 32.5% Users are 25 to 34 years (consumer, decision-maker)

That’s beaming, isn’t it? It’s important to have a bird’s eye view when you are in such a huge community.

In marketing, first, you have to understand your target audience, place your product/brand well, create an awareness, trigger interest and build trust, connect product value to the need, and finally make them take action.

Let’s deep dive, why especially Quora for marketing :

Remember, (U-H-B model) :

  • Understand  – As it’s a Q & A platform, the questions posted make it simpler to find what people are searching for and want to know about your niche/ Industry. It helps you to understand your target audience better so you can connect and position yourself in the way that you want to present.
  • Handshake in thought – Unlike other platforms, In Quora, it’s easier to connect with your target audience and the best part apart from just connecting you can even engage with them, learn about them and share your content/knowledge.

Here it’s an opportunity to make people know about you in a different dimension, it helps you in structuring your posts or content in such a way that it creates an awareness and arouses interest about your brand/product/service.

  • Booster – in Quora, Answering to google indexed questions or to some popular and latest questions in your niche in a more value-adding sense, ranks you up not only in Quora but also in search engine ranking. You get two benefits in one effective way as if you could put up a link to your other blogs or products or any call action you are getting high-quality traffic here.

(Note – India & USA contribute to more than 50% of the user base, and these users are mostly between 18 to 35, now this is what’s called a productive platform)

If you’re using Quora for marketing, Here you have a potential space that facilitates to understand your target market, connect & engage with them, build a customer base for your product or service, establish your brand and boost up your ranking, all of these at no cost, zero investment.


The ultimate marketing goal is to strengthen your presence and add more value, which we discussed how to achieve it on Quora using the UHB model. Has this lodged in your mind, On a platform like Quora, your Expertise, strategy, and uniqueness combined has immense scope for growth and also to establish yourself as a brand?

Take action that makes the difference.