If you have come through this blog that means you are searching for how to increase youtube video views or even thought to buy YouTube views, right?

So let’s understand the two different scenarios here, which helps you to decide the best-

The First Scenario –

  • Imagine you have organically grown your youtube channel to 1000 subscribers and every time you upload a new video, at least 50% of them will click on it, watch it and there is some real engagement happening that is watch time, likes or dislikes, subscribers, comments and shares.
  • These engagements help YouTube algorithms to understand the performance of your video and to suggest it in the niche keyword category ranking and search results.
  • This way you are not only ranking higher in the search results but also reaching more audience that means you are increasing your subscriber base, watch time, likes and also if the content is really good you might see more number of shares happening too, This further creates more traffic to your video which in term makes your video one of the best in the category of the niche.

The Second scenario – 

  • In the second scenario imagine you have purchased or planned to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers.
  • So once you purchase some views or subscribers which are available for more or less from 50 to $300 your views and subscribers count increases.
  • Think of it once you upload a new video and out of the thousand subscribers how many get the notification, how many will view your new videos compared to the organic way
  • Even YouTube will have a check on this, as you have uploaded a video and no one has gone through the video but how can the views increase. This makes your video look very doubtful in the light of YouTube.
  • Your channel and video might end up with the Fake engagement policy of Youtube.
  • Your channel might get blocked or a warning notification.

So what is best for you? analyze both the scenarios and decide 

What can be done?

  • There are some professional YouTube optimization services like VidIQ, viewership and some other, where they help you grow your YouTube channel Organically by optimizing various factors which affect YouTube algorithm and ranking 
  • They help you to optimize the performance of your videos in such a way that it helps in attracting more views, get more likes and which ultimately leads to having more subscribers to your channel.
  • This is very much important if your focus is on the long term and not just focusing on the short-term by increasing your views through buying youtube views and then ending up at different altered scenarios.

Conclusion –

When you’re in a platform that is accessed by millions of viewers it takes time to grow and set your presence as an authoritative entity. 

Many just end up in making some good videos but fail to have a very good strategy which will help them to place well and perform well in a platform like YouTube, where not only them there are thousands of videos and YouTubers in the same category itself

If you are thinking about making a difference by promoting your channel, establishing your brand awareness through your videos then planning to buy YouTube views, likes and subscribers are not the ultimate solutions. 

There are some professionals and experts who know how to do that in an organic way which even helps you in the longer term.

We are one of them who can help you grow organically.

So what is your decision after understanding both the scenarios?