“Content is King”, as said by Bill Gates is even true for today. It applies to all social media platforms. Especially when it comes to Quora, a knowledge-sharing platform, content is everything that matters. It might be to establish your presence or increase view and followers or getting high quora upvotes. Content is what Quora is and what draws people to it.

Just think about it, 

  • When you open quora, what do you see? Content right.
  • Do you go through every content? 
  • What makes some content stand out from the rest and do the best? 

Here’s’ some beautiful points about content writing on quora –

1. Input-Output 

To write Qualitative content, do we have quality information about the topic which can influence readers is the first checkbox. 

Rich content can be produced only by continually learning about your topic, doing some research, connecting with industry experts in Quora who have high Quora upvotes, and Analyze their view and approach. 

And, when you finally decide to pen down your thoughts, make it worth reading it.

2. How to find the right question?

  • When you decide to write, look for the right question.
  • Websites like google trends, uber suggestion, SEM rush helps you identify popular questions in Quora, know stats about its engagement, along with the keywords which you can use in your content to rank well in search results.
  • Be the earlier person to answer, you set the standard and be consistent.

3. Who do you want to be?

Now you have quality information, found the right question, and started to write. The next important step is to know who you want to be known as.

Do you want to be just another person whose voice fades soon or an expert who sets standards and stands out from the crowd? They understand the importance of segments, structure, and value rule of content, which makes them unique and experts.

4. Structure – 

Unstructured content is hard to understand, difficult to skim through and fails to attract or create an impression. 

  • An attractive headline/title which hooks-in the viewers to read
  • An intro which pre frames about content and mindset
  • Body with sub-heading which adds more value (info, solutions, action steps)
  • Links to your other works which sets credibility & authority
  • Finally, a conclusion that influences viewers to take the desired action. 

You can use tools like Grammarly, read-o-meter, Coschedule’s headline analyzer, word counter, and such to make your content more effective and presentable. Use images / small videos if required, add statistics, make it easily skimmable, content to the point, and keep its segments. Remember this, Disassemble a truck into many small parts and a child can carry it.

5. Algorithm – 

Information with a strong structure makes an outstanding article.

In Quora, the more you write about a topic you’ll be ranked well and high Quora upvotes are on the way. Answer popular questions, Use SEO keywords in the content, add links to your other websites and blogs, so you even rank well in search engine results and there’s enough traffic. 


Only when you are viewer focused, you connect well with the readers that’s the crucial part.

I hope you remember these valuable tips when writing content on Quora and let your goals be achieved.