Quora is a highly influential platform for learning and sharing. It’s not just a source of information that’s interesting but information combined with experience is what is intriguing. I have jotted down some of the creative ways I use to write on Quora and the best Quora upvotes strategy that has been helping me for a long time. These tips/lessons are simple yet effective, might be for beginners yet experts too follow it.

1. I Don’t have to be perfect, I just had to be myself

In the beginning, I was trying to be perfect and was very much conscious about my answers. Then I realized that it blinded my perceptions and made me not open to others. Overtime after learning from others, when I learned to be myself, my perception over others and others’ content had a wider view and my content posting seemed quite improving. This is how my content saw a huge acceptance and appreciation.

2. When Differences made sense

Each question helped me to know more and learn more about the topic, Each content I post helped me understand better about my perception. This made me understand that different views over a topic are what kept people engaging in Quora and their curiosity to know more paved the way for them to connect with the established. This is the best Quora upvote strategy – Uniqueness and expertise.

3. Exquisitely beautiful platform

I found Quora much better than any other platform because,

  • Where people started accepting others not by photos but by their ideas.
  • Where people appreciated others not because of appearance but because of their views and values 
  • Where people felt to express their views, not because of recognition but to express their thoughts and share their knowledge

Something more meaningful, isn’t it? so the best quora upvote strategy is in adding value to others through your content. This also means valuing your connections and building trust through engagements.

4. The 3 Rules for a Perfect TED

In “The Communication Book”, the author tells about 3 rules for a perfect TED talk by the TED CEO Chris Anderson,

  • Don’t talk about a concept, a deficiency or a product: talk about an Idea
  • Focus on just one Idea
  • Talk about the idea in such a way that people will want to tell others about it.

I find this an amazing technique that can be even used in Quora. This would bring a drastic change overall. For beginners, I highly recommend these 3 rules.


Conclusion: Until now, 

  • Firstly we learned how our perception influences our content and how content builds connection.
  • Second, we understood the importance of uniqueness and expertise
  • Third, we realized how Quora is different from other platforms
  • And finally the amazing 3 rules for a perfect talk that can be used in Quora.

Remembering being consistent is what helped me to learn these and improvise over time. I believe these tips/lessons will make a difference.

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